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    Hi there,

    Got problems with a Bold 9700. Currently residing in Canada. Have a Blackberry from the UK that was locked to O2. Whilst locked to O2, could turn off data roaming & 'Mobile Network' in Manage Connections and could access Facebook and BBM fine via wi-fi at home.

    Today, unlocked the phone to try and use on a Canadian network. When at the mobile store, took out the O2 sim and put in one of their SIMs (Mobilicity SIM which didn't actually work). Took the Mobilicity SIM out, put in the O2 SIM, same settings as before but now getting an error when trying to access Facebook, BBM etc via wi-fi saying "You are currently on a service plan that does not support this application....".

    The O2 contract has BIS on it and is due to run for another 7 months.

    Anyone know why this has happened?

    11-14-11 12:06 AM
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    You've lost the servicebooks, all of them. You'll need to wait until you get back to the UK in order to get them back. You could, however, likely get a prepaid bell/telus/rogers/fido/koodo (telus) sim card on a prepaid data plan if they allow or have it (I never checked any of them myself, and i'm a canadian in toronto! lol). The 3G bands don't match wind or mobilicities because they're the same as t-mobile's, AWS 1700.

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    11-14-11 03:47 AM