1. se2k's Avatar
    When the "Show Chats in Messages Application" option is checked in BBM 5.0, BBM conversations show up in the Messages list with all other SMS's and e-mails (which is what I want), but cause a weird 1 to 2 second pause when trying to scroll over them. I also notice a longer pause when trying to go into Messages from the home screen if there are any BBM conversations open and showing in the Messages list. Once the BBM conversations are closed, everything is fast again.

    My BBM version is with the Bold 9700 OS

    This never happened on my Bold 9000.

    Is anyone else having this problem and is there a fix?
    11-05-09 10:58 AM
  2. vod332's Avatar
    I have this problem too...but seems to go away after a little while. My major problem now is that new SMS messages which appear in BBM don't go to top of chat list and have no notification that they are a new message. I have to go SMS by SMS to see which is a new message.
    11-18-09 10:19 PM