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    I am wondering under what circumstances will you be able to block a Pin message from a user?

    1. Block the Pin user in bbm first. Thereafter the Pin user can't Pin message?
    2. Call mobile operator to block the Pin user from their end so I wont receive unwanted Pin message? possible?
    3. Suspend my BIS temporary so that Pin user can't Pin message me?

    I read some where can block email? So the sender can get a "Service blocked" status. But can Pin message also?

    I figured that I can block that person message from firewall but that person will still be happily sending Pin messages thinking its being delivered to me. If I can achieve the "Service blocked" when that person try to Pin message me would be best so they can't even send out any message to me. I wont even need to configure my firewall.
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    Sounds like in the end, it would be far simpler to get a new or different Blackberry, as the PIN is unique to each device.
    Good luck.

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