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    Blackberry Traffic 1.3 (Beta) heading to App World on September 30th

    BlackBerry Traffic 1.3 will be available in the App World Test Center Tomorrow!

    • On Thursday, September 30th, a software upgrade is being made available to the general public via the App World Test Center. We encourage you to upgrade to this version as soon as it appears in BlackBerry App World.

    Whats new in BlackBerry Traffic 1.3?
    • Users can now select a traffic-based alternate route instead of the default direct route from the menu options. An alternate route is a route that may take less time depending upon current traffic conditions. A direct route is a route that typically takes the least amount of travel time under normal conditions.
    • Nearby offers are now visible on a new drive view. Offers may contain promotions and discounts for nearby businesses along your route.
    09-30-10 01:49 AM