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    I recently travelling to Italy where the Bell roaming charges are 5 cents per KB. Outrageous, yes, but that isn't my question.

    I have travelled out of country before and had incurred roaming charges - generally between $50 and $100 extra over and above my regular bill for a trip that is a week long for my email (I rarely use voicecalls when I travel).

    This particular trip to Italy, I used BBM for the first time. When I got home, I noticed that my bill for that month was a whopping $450. While it was an extra long trip (10 days), I hadn't expected to have that high a bill. So, my question is - how much data does BBM consume? Does any body have any benchmarks for, say, 20 typical one liner messages, or similar per day via BBM?

    On my present bill, it is impossible to differentiate data charges from my email and my BBM traffic, so I have no real clue as to how much the BBM use was costing me. Note that I am not a heavy user of BBM - I was BBMing no more than two people during the trip and maybe 20-30 one liner messages per day.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    09-28-10 04:52 PM