1. av8ryxx's Avatar
    Has anyone noticed all of the sudden getting different "uncaught exception" error messages since installing Blackberry Protect?

    I lost my phone for about half a day last week due to a messaging app "uncaught exception" and now today I'm getting a phone related "uncaught exception".

    Im running on a 9700.

    The original "exception" magically resolved itself...
    Phone would just freeze up to the point I couldn't connect to DM...

    Haven't had any issues until today after a battery pull
    03-15-11 04:00 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Maybe there's a glitch with the beta of blackberry protect. Might want to take it up with the developer.

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    03-15-11 07:24 PM
  3. BeyondTheBox's Avatar
    Developer is RIM, and no, nary an issue since downloaded, which I did very recently. Perhaps a different OS version would suit you.
    03-15-11 10:43 PM
  4. mssca's Avatar
    Mine works fine on SO6 BB 9700....so I think you should email RIM under developer contact on the app.
    03-15-11 11:06 PM