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    the problem I am facing is that I added my dad at BBM (he is in malaysia i'm in the UK), we can see each other's contact at bbm, but we can't communicate. I can receive his voice notes and everything. I can send him a message too, BUT with a tick next to my messages but without R or D, he claims that he didnt receive any of them.

    I tried battery pull, deleting and adding contact (took a while as it takes time for the friend request to be accepted/ add to friend list) and ... googling and i ran out of ideas.

    he also said that according to bbm it shows 'the contact is busy' .
    any luck? and I checked my profile is set to Available.

    also, he is using curve 8310. he can send me a PIN message (i received it), when i try replying, he coulnd't receive mine.

    Is it a problem with my blackberry 9700 white or my dad's? or his carrier? please advice, thank you
    05-24-10 08:38 PM