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    Hi there.
    I have a 9700 but my friend who has their 9780 on Orange UK has send/receive problems with their BlackBerry Messenger. I'm pretty sure it's to do with Orange and T-Mobile because she had the same problem with her 8900 which was also on Orange UK. I originally thought it was to do with her OS only being at 4.6, but sinnce she got her 9780, the problem has persisted. I definitely know it's not me because I send BlackBerry messages to my other contacts on Virgin Mobile, Vodafone UK (also my home network) and O2 and the delivery icon "D" appears almost instantly. Their typing status is also updated very fast.
    What happens is that when I type to my only friend on Orange UK in my contact list, my message is able to send flawlessly, yet it can sometimes take up to 10 minutes for the "D" to appear; sometimes she replies back before the "D" has time to change to an "R". I hardly see her typing status as she replies without it ever saying she's typing and also told me she's getting frustrated, also as to why her messages are taking ages to reach the friend she tries to contact. I have known the delivery time to be up to an hour sometimes which there is just no point in sending a BlackBerry Messenger and SMS has to be used instead.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem with BlackBerry Messenger on their network?


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    06-13-11 05:46 AM
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    Yes, my ex is on Orange and BBM is bugging the live out of us.
    06-13-11 08:29 AM