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    Hee, ive got a qeustion yesterday my bold 9700 broke and now ive got a Blackberry 7920 ( oldskool ) from my dad.

    But I wanna know if i can get Blackberry messenger on this old BB ? Ive put my sim card from my bold in this one so ive got BIS so thats shoudnt be te problem.
    Is there a way to download BBM so i can still keep on useing that ?

    thanks in advance

    (I dont know if this is right place to post this here and for any other qeustions just ask )
    09-13-10 05:04 AM
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    BBM on old blackberry - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    Please look here, doesn't seem to be available OTA but seems you can add it via DM.

    Good luck

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    09-13-10 06:48 AM
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    So Ive connected my bb with my computer trough desktop manager, it connects but when i wanna go to the application part and I try to load them on the desktop manager I get an error everytime saying its not possible and I should try agian..
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    09-14-10 09:55 AM