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    My blackberry messenger (on a Pearl 9105) doesn't seem to have any options and all of my contacts have disappeared. I can't reinstall the app because I am abroad and only accessing using WIFI. I have used the messenger on WIFI and no mobile network abroad before with no issues. Usually when you press the "blackberry" button on the keypad you get options like adding contacts, seeing what my PIN is, changing preferences for messenger display etc. Now when I press that all I get is "Switch Application" and the screen is blank (i.e. none of my contacts' icons are there). I have had someone send me a BBM to test whether I would receive it (i don't) and the sender gets delivered but not read. Any ideas?

    07-29-11 01:46 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    this is a case of the phantom, bbm dissapearing.

    have you performed a battery pull?
    if this doesnt fix the issue you will have to uninstall and resinstall BBM.

    you can re install it over WiFi with a direct OTA link for BBM.
    just google the version you are looking for an install it.
    07-29-11 01:57 PM
  3. jennyfis's Avatar
    Thanks for your help. I tried a battery pull to no avail. I had previously tried googling a new version of BBM but when I click on the download link I get an error message saying "You do not have sufficient wireless coverage or your connection to the wireless network is turned off". When I looked this up it implied that you cannot download apps unless you are on a data plan (I am, but I guess as I have my mobile network switched off as I am abroad it thinks I am not). I guess I just wait until I get home (which sucks, because half the reason I got a blackberry was so I could send messages home for free...ah well)
    07-29-11 02:51 PM