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    I am using a blackberry bold 9000 (v5.0.0.238).
    I updated my Blackberry Messenger to
    After the update I cant find my Messenger Icon.
    I tried doing the following after going through the forum posts-
    1. I did a battery pull but it was ineffective.
    2. I looked for hidden icons but it is not present there also.
    3. I went to advance options and from the Host Router settings I got Blackberry Registration done again. I didn't work then too.
    4. I restored my phone to a backup of a previous date and it still didn't work.
    5. I checked at options-applications-(Add-on) here the Blackberry Messenger is present. But there is no icon to access it anywhere.
    6. I deleted the messenger and downloaded it from both (app world and the blackberry website) , still it doesn't work.

    Please provide me with solutions as a friend of mine did the same on the Javelin and she is also facing the same problem.

    Your inputs and suggestions will be of a great help.
    Please pull me out this as a day without the messenger seems very difficult.
    08-13-10 03:26 PM
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    Try going onto Blackberry.com & reinstalling. Should need to put your email in where they'll send a link to your phone then re install(ota). Had this happen yesterday when installing a leaked via desktop. Read error incompatible files then after rebooting, bbm was gone. Via linked email i installed v5.0.1.38 which was so awful th@ i searched for a leaked ota again & went back to my last version as app world no longer had this. Hope this may have helped & post up also if you get it up & running again. Oh just saw this now also. Silly me: How can I downgrade to the old BBM?? Cheers
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    08-14-10 06:19 AM