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    Hi there

    yesterday my Blackberry Torch was stolen, I used Blackberry protect to erase the information, but I couldn't reach the thief, apparently he got out of the mobile network. The weird thing is that I bought a new Torch and I tried to restore my data from protect but I couldn't get my bbm list back.
    I re tried at home with Blackberry desktop manager, but I only received the list as a mirror, I had to reinvite any single contact, and if a contact was already in the other pin (because my contacts reinvited me and they had my other pin for a while) I couldn't invited them. I also lost my bb groups. And my remote backup from bb messenger didn't work either.
    The thief is already using my torch.

    Any clue?
    06-28-11 09:36 PM
  2. mikeyg164's Avatar
    BBM contact list is backed up using your email account(s). Protect backs up your address book contacts etc. So that's why it didt come back. Try opening BBM and then click restore

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    06-29-11 08:40 AM
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    Yea backup your bbm contact list to your email address. Its under the options menu in bbm.
    If you wanna be extra safe, restore a copy to the media card as well and transfer a copy of that file to your desktop/laptop.
    Although tbh, the email backup is more than sufficient. I've swapped devices a few times and it's a cinch.

    If you've previously backed it up to your email, u can restore it via the options menu too, as said above.

    Didn't know protect only worked if the thief used it on the same network :S.. Don't think it wld have much use then would it... Hm

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    06-29-11 04:33 PM