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    Hey guys, got a new problem lol. It seems that my BBM Group's Pictures section is deleting pictures on its own. Sort of like pictures that are older than x amount of days are being deleted. Now i've checked my group members' phones and their pictures are still there. Also, i've tried to look thru the limited options/menus i could and there is nothing to choose to prevent this from happening...

    any help here is appreciated... thank you!
    02-21-10 03:05 AM
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    btw Native Applications section is more appropriate for this thread....

    as for your issue, ive noticed this too. it usually occurs to just one of our group members. i dont know why or how its happening. ive noticed it doesnt matter whether they are admin or not. also keep in mind, 80 pics are the max for a group. anytime you post over 80, it starts deleting the oldest pictures to make room. its only occuring with my friend with an 8330, so i wonder if memory is an issue.
    02-21-10 03:10 AM
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    wow thanks for the speedy reply, dictoresno!

    i dont think i've hit the max because my group members have about 40-45 and i only have about 10-15 so theres quite a discrepancy. i have my pictures set on save to media card and my media card has about 1.5gig's free. my device also has about 855mb free.

    i think i've heard that has a memory leak but i quickpull my phone every day and wont let my uptime go longer than 100,xxxseconds lol.... i'm stummmmppeddd

    my application memory seems to only be between 10-12mb free... that might pose a problem
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    02-21-10 03:17 AM
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    well, i cant figure out whats going on with my friends phone either. hes the only one having this issue. sometimes pictures just posted will delete from his phone. out of the 80 max we have, he only shows 5-6 pics. and deleting and re-adding him to the group will not work either. it will restore up to 20 or so pics eventually, then begin deleting them too. no solution as of yet, but it doesnt seem to be common.
    02-21-10 03:27 AM
  5. nadst3r's Avatar
    wow.. i havent seen pictures just posted being deleted but close enough lol. all i have in the group at the moment are pictures from yesterday to today. i wonder if its a bug in the OS, that's pretty much the only thing i could think of.

    a side note as well, my calendar appointments are also disappearing... and that is set to supposedly keep for forever.
    02-21-10 03:33 AM
  6. nadst3r's Avatar
    i've actually been lookin around more and it seems as tho it might be because of my memory leak from .411
    02-21-10 04:06 AM
  7. dictoresno's Avatar
    well its happening on my friends 8330 from sprint with, so i cant say for sure that the OS or device is specifically the cause. i bet it might be more with BBM. why dont you backup your BBM, then reinstall again. once it restores, see if it fully restores all pics and then see if they disappear.
    02-21-10 04:56 AM
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    sooo... i didnt reinstall bbm, but i looked at many apps/emails/sms/mms that were just eating up memory. cleaned that up. went from after a quickpull, memory of 15mb to after a quickpull, memory of 25mb. after a full day's use, my phone leaked to about 14mb so i dont think its in any danger of deleting itself

    as for the pictures, i got one of my group members to reinvite me after i left. went from 10pics to 36... hopefully it'll stay like that for a bit.

    thanks for your help dictoresno, maybe try those things i did on ur friends phone. good luck!
    02-22-10 04:11 AM
  9. saintJDP's Avatar
    i max at 40 pics... any thoughts on how to get it to change to 80???
    04-20-10 02:21 PM