1. erinlovesyou's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to change the font color for bbm 5.0?
    04-25-10 03:12 AM
  2. vaah's Avatar
    as far as i know, bbm doesn't have an option to change font colour, perhaps you can try by building your own theme?

    The purple colour shown on the screenshot is the default colour of broadcasted message.
    04-25-10 07:20 AM
  3. miz_pimp's Avatar
    It's a pity you can't change the font colour in bbm, I was actually wondering about this the other day. I would definitely love to have the option to do so.

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    04-25-10 11:34 AM
  4. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    The font goes purple when you broadcast a msg
    04-25-10 04:48 PM