1. drb0y's Avatar
    Hi, I'm new to BBs so I just have a quick question: Since the BB Messenger is always running in the background does it drain the battery faster? I know it can be uninstalled but I want to use it, but not if its killing my battery faster then if I didn't have it installed.
    04-15-10 09:12 AM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Yes. For the first day of the 5.0 i had a 50 percent battery loss
    battery pull one time and it was fine.
    give it time to stablize and it will be fine.
    04-15-10 09:50 AM
  3. ttfmaep's Avatar
    I don't think it does.
    04-15-10 10:18 AM
  4. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    well any app running will be draining your battery... but if you use it, then you have no other choice. BB's are usually very good with battery life. If you find that your battery is not lasting the entire day, you might want to consider a mobile charger for your car. My battery typically lasts me the entire day with very heavy usuage, so I doubt that you'll be a position where your battery doesn't last you the entire day.
    04-15-10 10:23 AM
  5. Deathcommand's Avatar
    End post
    Unless you have Questions
    Sandesh is right though.
    not much.(after the first day.)
    04-15-10 10:26 AM
  6. Reed McLay's Avatar
    This topic is a challenge to debate, there are plenty of opinions but there are few documented testing results to back them up.

    BlackBerry uses Sun Java VM, an interpreted multitasking operating system. When any program is installed, the code is resident in memory.

    If it is not active, the OS executive does not waste cycles (or battery power) servicing them. When the process is active, receiving a message and activating the notifier, reading and composing messages, power is being used.

    The best data comes from the published specs:

    Battery & Battery LifeBattery: 1500 mAh removable/rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Talk Time: Up to 6 hours (GSM and UMTS)
    Standby Time: Up to 21 days/504 hours (GSM), Up to 17 days/408 hours (UMTS)
    Music Playback Time: Up to 38 hours
    Standby Time means the default applications are active, including BlackBerry Messenger. Up to three weeks of standby means there is very little power being used, just enough to service the Java executive and maintain the connection to the network.

    When an application is running, Music Playback in this example, more power is being used. Instead of lasting 21 days, the battery will last 1.5 days.

    That all pails to noise compared to the power required to operate the Phone, making any kind of real World testing practically impossible.

    04-15-10 10:38 AM
  7. drb0y's Avatar
    Alright well thanks for everyone for your responses

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-15-10 10:40 PM