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    Using Blackberry messenger version
    OS Version as to where the problem is happening: Official OS bold 9000

    heres what happened. i originally had a bold 9000 and a curve 8520. about a month or 2 ago i got a bold 9700. what i did was i wanted to use my bold 9000 and bold 9700. so i used the device switch wizard on blackberry desktop manager.

    this is how i did it:
    - bold 9000 switched over to the bold 9700.
    - curve 8520 switched over to the bold 9000.

    both the bolds worked fine in regards to all the data and settings. i barely use my bold 9000 as it is for personal use and my 9700 is for work. when i tried using bbm on my bold 9000 it kept on saying that it this contact is not on your contact list and is advising me to re-invite. so i did it thinking that the transfer didnt go to well for some contacts. but it did it for most of them.

    tried several things such as:
    - restoring my contacts from a backup file.
    - deleting the blackberry messenger data thru desktop manager and adding the contacts manually.
    - did a wipe of my phone and restored the OS and added the contacts manually.

    these did not work as the contacts kept on asking for a re-invite.

    this however did work for most:
    - linking my bbm contacts to a contact on my phonebook.

    that worked but for the ones that didnt have a contact on my phonebook i just created a new one with just their PIN in it. still kept on asking for a re-invite for the ones that i didnt originally have a contact in the phonebook. so what i did was created a contact for them with just a random mobile number to see if it would work and keep them on my bbm contact list. still did not work but at least for those who originally have a contact on my phonebook are still on my bbm contact list. seriously i dunno what to do and it is doing my head in.

    can anyone suggest anything else or even an input on this? this happened to you before or something similar?
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    06-20-10 08:59 AM
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    06-21-10 07:50 PM
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    I'm having the exact same problem...

    i've already tried almost everything... Deleted the remote bakcup, deleted de local backup, deleted everyone in my list, add them one by one and they are still asking for the re invite...

    I really don't know what else to do, it's REALLY annoying when you have to re-invite everyone almost twice a day!!!!

    If someone know please help us!!!
    06-23-10 07:56 AM
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    im gonna try downgrading my OS since i havent tried that yet. if that doesnt work then i dont know what else to do.
    07-04-10 01:58 AM
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    Downgraded to previous official release for bold but the bbm is using Been day 2 and my contacts seem to be fine now. Hasn't done a re-invite. All I did was a downgrade of OS and restored my data from a backup file with my bbm contacts.

    I guess u could try and find or sign up to get the beta bbm release before u downgrade the OS.

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    07-05-10 04:47 PM
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    so far so good with either updating bbm or downgrading OS. has kept my contacts for the past few weeks.

    id suggest to try n update bbm.

    07-15-10 07:36 PM