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    08-01-11 07:02 PM
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    Some of you may have noticed that after upgrading to BBM 6 the "Show What I'm Listening to" option is no longer in the My Profile section. While many have wondered and just written it off as another feature that annoyed certain people that RIM decided to do away with, we'd like to let you guys know it's actually part of another plan RIM is developing. We've received reports that within the next couple of days, the BlackBerry Beta Zone will be introducing a whole new app for everyone that's a member to test out.

    BlackBerry Cloud Music

    BlackBerr Cloud Music, or BBCM as it's being called, will be a completely independent app that will integrate to BBM and work alongside the BlackBerry Media Player to exhance our music enjoyment. What do we know about BBCM as of now?
    BBCM will allow users to share songs and playlists across BBM.
    BBCM will first be able in the Beta Zone as soon as this week.
    RIM will be attempting to set up a music library through BlackBerry Cloud Music.
    Full integration with BBM which will allow users to post up what they're listening to as a status.
    BBCM will come pre-installed on all new devices.
    A paid subscription of $4.99/month will be required to access BBCM.
    Hopefully this shines some light on what everyone's been wondering. As soon as this puppy drops in the BlackBerry Beta Zone will have even more details and screenshots for everyone to check out.
    Good idea? Let us know your thoughts on BlackBerry Cloud Music.
    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
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    08-01-11 07:22 PM
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    08-01-11 08:42 PM
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    Sounds cool. Can't wait to try it out.
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    08-01-11 09:40 PM
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    That would be awesome!!! So much better than having to find YouTube videos and sending links.

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    08-02-11 03:33 AM
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    Thanks for this link.

    That looks interesting and if true, certainly appears that RIM are trying to push forward and make BBM even more integral to the BB platform.
    08-02-11 04:02 AM
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    I would be more interested in how BBCM will handle DRM.
    08-02-11 05:35 AM
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    and this is why we beta test
    08-02-11 10:58 AM
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    Gay. I don't want to pay $4.99/month for my status to show what song I am listening to.
    08-02-11 11:22 AM
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    Well you're paying $4.99/month to store and access your music from a cloud storage site.
    08-02-11 12:44 PM
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    Well you're paying $4.99/month to store and access your music from a cloud storage site.
    Shoot. I just paid $20 to amazon to do the same for an entire year. :/
    08-02-11 01:21 PM
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    It's a lot more than just showing what you're listening to on your status. And not exclusive to music.
    Check the commercial that is posted on a sister thread to this one. Looks quite exciting.


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    08-02-11 06:53 PM
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    What if I want to JUST show my friends what I'm listening to on my status? Just that feature?

    I have to pay 5 dollars a month to show my friends what I'm listening to? f*****g lol.
    08-03-11 12:08 PM
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    It just seems like RIM is going about this in a rather sloppy way. The majority of users are not going to stumble upon this information. They are going to upgrade to BBM6 because they heard some cool things about it, and they are going to be unhappy because they see something missing and they aren't going to immediately notice anything new about the app. Just read the reviews on Blackberry App World. 90% of the people are unhappy with the upgrade. And $5 per month for some music storage service. I'm not going to pay that I don't think.
    08-03-11 12:25 PM