1. lootje93's Avatar
    I just bought the Blackberry Storm 2 unlocked
    So then i put my simcard in from T-Mobile so i was trying to add my friends on Blackberry Messenger.. But they are not getting the requests..
    So what to do?
    I do have 100mb internet a month! i know it's not a lot but i thought it would be enought for just ping .. for now! because i can't get unlimited or at T-Mobile because i'm not 18, what i think is ridiculous haha so i do have internet, i can use the browser, and i can add people on BBM but they won't get the requests and i cant use blackberry app world either because then it says "You are not connected to the wireless network" that doesn't make any sence because i do have internet on my phone! So what can i do to use BBM and App world and all those things?
    01-25-11 09:43 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Is it a BIS internet plan?

    read through this... seems your service books might be out of whack
    01-25-11 09:48 PM