1. juliaax0x3's Avatar
    I have the newest version of BBM but for some reason, some of the people I add show up without no display pictures. I know the people I add have pictures because it shows up on other people's blackberrys. I tried deleting the person & readding them but that doesn't work either & the reason why I have the new BBM is because of the same problem; I thought if I updated it I would be able to see the pictures.
    Can anyone help?

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    12-29-10 09:46 PM
  2. elokito's Avatar
    I found a "fix" turn on "show recent updates" on bbm then add some1 and if it doesn't show just tell them to put another one and it appears in the recent updates that person x changed their picture along with the new picture which updates the contact with a new picture.

    this helps around 80% of the time

    also i heard from a blackberry platform engineer in my country (Dominican Republic) that rim's servers weren't properly handling the load and they will fix this around january 2011, he also explained that if u had os 4 and more than 100 contacts that updating your status wont deploy to all the contacts.
    12-29-10 10:01 PM