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    Yesterday BBM V5.0.0.65 was pulled out of the leaked OS for the Tour 2, but today there's a even NEWER BBM version. I'm not sure if there's much of a difference, but if you see any difference feel free to post it here!


    Here are some other OTA install links for different apps:

    Blackberry Messenger v5.0.0.66 - Blackberry Messenger v5.0.0.66 - @BBTweeps
    Twitter by RIM v1.0.0.28 - Twitter by RIM v1.0.0.28 - @BBTweeps
    Movies by Flixster v1.2.5 - Flixster v1.2.5 - @BBtweeps
    Paypal v1.0.19.301 - Paypal v1.0.19.301 - @BBTweeps
    Wordpress v1.1.225 - Wordpress v1.1.225 - @BBTweeps
    Social Beat v1.4.0.x - Social Beat v1.4.0.x - @BBTweeps
    TuneWiki v1.1.0.10 - TuneWiki v1.1.0.10 - @BBTweeps
    Auto Lock Keypad - http://bit.ly/auto_lock
    MP3 Alarm - http://bit.ly/myalarm
    Camera Mute - http://bit.ly/camera_mute
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    Thanks very much. The mp3 alarm link opens the Auto Lock application though.

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    03-24-10 03:12 PM
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    Thanks for the link, downloading now.
    03-24-10 03:40 PM
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    Already Posted : Blackberry Messenger v5.0.0.66 Leaked
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    I had it before them, but okay. Thanks
    03-24-10 07:44 PM
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    I had it before them, but okay. Thanks
    Lol, what? That thread was up 10 hours before this one. Also, it's nice to post where you get stuff from, and not direct link to the file. Its a courtesy thing.
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