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    I have a 7230 and a 7290 and neither will operate on BBY Messenger reliably, the 7230 will intermittently not receive messaged and the 7290 keeps telling me that my contacts are "unavailable" when they have approved me and are available. I am ready to throw both of them across the room.

    Also my 7230 has now just started coming up with an "Uncaught exception: path must contain a slash" error just to add to my frustration.

    If anybody can help I would be very grateful
    04-22-09 07:13 PM
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    Can nobody help with this problem?

    Surely someone must have a solution or at least an answer?
    04-27-09 03:00 PM
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    Pull the battery out while the device is on. Also for the one that has busy contacts ..have them do a battery pull too. A good way to make sure you are connecting with the contact is to pin message them. Give this a shot and post back with results please.
    One other thing...on both devices go to options/about and the third line down....whats the app version for each?
    04-27-09 06:40 PM
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    I have tried pulling the battery many times on both BBY's without any change to their crappy operation.

    I can PIN the contacts without a problem on either BBY

    The third line on the "about" page reads as follows:

    For the 7230
    v4.0.2.35 (Platform followed by Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.0.257b

    And for the 7290
    v4.1.0.375 (Platform followed by Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.3.7

    What does all this mean?
    04-27-09 09:38 PM
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    That is the version of your operating system on the devices. They appear to be up to date. Have you had the contacts do a battery pull also? Sometimes from an odler version to a newer version of bbm they do this. Some have had the issue with it being two different carriers too. Sorry I can't be of much help. Worse case is to remove BBM and reinstall it

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    04-27-09 09:54 PM
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    Hi everybody first of all I am sorry if I misspell anything-))
    The error u got on your blackberry is a error means there are some conflictions in your software.usually it comes when
    U have another blackberry and you transfer your information to new one.-i used to work for t mobile and I saw a lot of problems like that.your problem right now u don't get clear service from blackberry server because your applications not opparating properly
    U have few solutions first one is u can contact blackberry service and ask them is they can reinstall the software but after that u can't back up your information....u have to put your numbers and stuff manually or by outlook.I hope u still have a year warranty on that so u can ship to blackberry and they will send u another one
    Other solution is u make a hard reset on your mobile and unistall all aplications. May be after the conflicted one will be disabled and u can keep using it...I hope this could help me
    04-28-09 05:05 AM
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    i think it will
    04-28-09 05:08 PM
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    on some real ****, its time for you to upgrade. i mean, fareal, what you waitin on?
    10-14-09 08:02 PM
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    Aha an 8700 is 25 shipped on ebay.

    But that isn't the point go to www.blackberry.com/messenger and see if there's a newer version for your phone(s).

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    10-15-09 08:57 AM