1. Chrisd534's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    I know that theres a bunch of topics floating around about this email but I have a different problem that I wasnt able to find in these threads.
    As you know you get sent an email when first downloading BBM 5.0. I registered 2 emails for mine. A @blackberry email and @hotmail email.
    The blackberry one has been confirmed but not my hotmail one because it hasnt been sent to my phone and I accidentally deleted it from my hotmail.
    Is there any way to resend this email? Help would be appreciated.

    Thanks! Chris.
    10-08-09 11:30 PM
  2. frostyflake's Avatar
    Yes, I wanted to ask the same question.

    I 'think' i accidentally deleted the message in my hotmail, and I couldn't find how to resend the registration again from my BB.

    My qns is, how do you know you are already registered?

    And something very weird, cos i'm not exactly sure i deleted that message myself in the first place. I moved that message from the Deleted Folder back to my Inbox and i'm pretty sure i didn't touch it anymore. But few minutes later it ended up inside the Deleted Folder again. Is my BB deleting it without my knowledge, and does that indicate it's confirming the registration????

    10-10-09 01:39 PM