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    On ATT OS rev 4.5 and up BBMaps are not available. I don't need it but was upset why it is disabled.

    I made it to work - not sure if it is an optimal process but it worked for me
    I assume that user has internet access and Desktop Manager on PC

    A) your BB device:

    1. I checked in Options-Advanced Option-Applications that MAps were listed so BB Maps application was loaded but inactive or only Icon is missing?

    2. I found that file which displays BBmap icon [ net_rim_bb_lbs_ribbon ] is missing in the list (Options->Adv Options->Applications->BlackBerry Maps)
    so maybe just an icon?

    b) PC/Internet

    3. I went to this site BBMaps_en_1.2.zip and downloaded and un-zipped file BBMaps_en_1.2.zip which consists of lots of files but I needed only "ribbon" [ net_rim_bb_lbs_ribbon.cod ]

    4. I copied that file net_rim_bb_lbs_ribbon.cod to my PC :" Program Files->Common files->Research in Motion->shared->Loader Files-> {OS }->java " directory where all other *.cod files are located (and there was no "ribbon" so ATT is removing it when installing OS.

    5. I went one step up in directoty structure to: Program Files->Common files->Research in Motion->shared->Loader Files-> {OS } and found file named LBS.alx

    6. Using Notepad I opened and edited it and added one line [net_rim_bb_lbs_ribbon.cod] in a grooup of similar files:

    <directory SystemSize="normal">Java</directory>
    <fileset SystemSize="normal" Colour="True" Java="1.0">
    <fileset SystemSize="normal" Java="1.0">

    7. Saved it with same name/location

    c) Back to BB Device and Desktop manager

    8. Connected My BB to PC with Desktop manager and opened Application loader. BB Maps were showing up as loaded but I unchecked that application and checked it again.. than Hit Next and Finish - this triggered Maps update (I guess) because Device was busy and than Reset itself.

    9. After BB Device rebooted I checked in Device Downloads folder and there was a BB maps Icon. However when I clicked on it - It displayed a message that Application is disabled ..


    10 Using the BB device and BB Browser I went to "http://mobile.blackberry.com" and downloaded BBmaps application. There was a warning that it only supports down rev OS but I loaded it anyways. When loaded application noticed "ribbon" file on device and asked if I want to overwrite it? I said Yes. After loading, Device rebooted and BB Maps looked like were deleted from the device. There was no Icon nor application anymore.

    11. I connected again to Desktop manager and it showed that BB maps is not loaded - so I marked it to be loaded.

    12. After loading and reboot - BB Maps icon showed up on desktop and in Download folder.

    13. I clicked it and VIOLA Maps work.

    14. Now I can keep it or delete it...

    15. I am sure when the next OS version shows up - will have to do the same
    12-03-09 07:25 PM
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    please dont crosspost threads. you already posted this in the 8900 section. as i said there, someone made a simple launcher icon that when downloaded, will launch BBMaps. no need to play around with cod files or the OS.
    12-03-09 08:13 PM