1. dictoresno's Avatar
    just wanted to let you guys know something i found out about the leaked BlackberryID application.

    i had to download it when i attempted to use the new BTHM hybrids that included OS 6.1 apps (BBM 6 and newest Appworld). once i reverted back to normal 6.0 apps, Blackberry ID remained behind. however i noticed an increase on battery drain (3-6% and hour) even when idle and numerous BIS errors. sometimes these errors kept me from logging into BIS even after 4 battery pulls and the failure of BBMs from going through. i deleted this app, and it returned my battery drain back to 1.5-2% an hour and now BIS isnt locking up.

    so just an FYI to anyone running the leaked BBM or other OS 6.1 apps, BBID may be a cluprit regarding BIS log in issues, excessive waitclocks, laggy OS and worse battery drain. until all carriers and RIM have fully supported 6.1 apps and made the new Blackberry ID system fully functional, i would recommend avoiding using them.
    04-15-11 09:46 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    I second this finding, bbm 6 of any flavour runs the 9700 to the ground, both .31 and .56. Plus I doubt that .56 fixes itself on any other devices on the group chat not showing in your inbox anyway. Screenies may convince me. Photos shared etc is fine, just not the chat. Totally OT but ....
    04-15-11 11:12 PM