1. JThompson7's Avatar
    Hi I'm new here,

    I've been trying to update my Facebook app to the new 2.0, I've tried deleting the app and downloading it from the app store several times. Upon deleting and resetting my phone it just says reinstall there's no option of a fresh install, when I click install it just shows the old facebook app! I've also tried downloading straight from the blackberry site but to no avail! Please help!

    Kind Regards

    08-07-11 03:02 PM
  2. CanuckSoldier's Avatar
    I had no problem with my 8520, but my wifes 8330 would not install it at all, it simply would not give me a Download button in App World for it. And after serveral hours trying different sites the BB App world mobile site finally told me that my phone simply didn't meet the min hardware specs. Would have been nice of the BB App world App had simply stated that in the first place.

    I did run across the fact that you do need a min amount of free app memory to install it, that may be your problem with the 8520.

    KB16369-What are the minimum requirements for Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 1.9.1

    A BlackBerry smartphone with at least 64 MB of memory (1,200 KB of available memory)
    08-07-11 03:51 PM