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    Hey guys, just a couple of days ago I was watching youtube videos on my bb curve 8330 sprint OS just fine, until I trying to raise up the volume so it went into volume boost or something and I click yes, and then right after I did that I think it said "error" then the media player just disappered, and ever since I can't get my media player to play nothing on the web, I press on the "Watch Video" botton and nothing happens, I also tried to watch videos on tinytube,and it does the same thing. I don't know why my media player doesn't work in my bb browser.it just doesn't stream.

    The media player works just fine when playing my recorded, music n videos etc.

    I hope some one can help.
    I will really appreciate it.
    Thanks, Ricky.

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    03-25-10 10:06 AM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Maybe... turn volume boost off..?
    03-25-10 10:19 AM
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    I did turn it off. The media just doesn't show up on my bb, everytime I click on the "watch video" or "stream video" on youtube nothing happens at all. Like the media doesn't load up. So idk, what to do. I hate watching videos on xenozu, because I can never find what I'm lookin for, I only watch my subscriptions, and I haven't been able to watcvh any of them because of this problem.

    Hopefully there is a way to fix this, Mayb, reinstall media player if possible?

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    03-25-10 10:27 AM
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    try clicking the link for the video then click the menu button on your Blackberry then click open link in the menu.
    my trackball/trackpad was doing the same thing not alowing me to open videos until i tried that and it worked then i did a battery pull and it went back to normal. hope this helps
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    03-26-10 12:16 AM