1. MitsuviKz's Avatar
    When I make/schedule a new appointment in my calendar, what does the "Show Time As:" mean? [I get options for free, tentative, busy or out of office.] Where does it show this? This is probably the dumbest question, but I'm clueless.
    10-09-09 12:27 AM
  2. souperman's Avatar
    When you schedule multiple appointments for the same time period, the "Show time as" that you pick will show a promt that it may conflict with another appointment if you pick, busy, tenative, out of office, etc. Basically it is a way for the device to determine if you are overbooking yourself and warn you if it thinks that you are!
    10-09-09 12:31 AM
  3. MitsuviKz's Avatar
    Ahh. That's very useful, thank you very much. =]
    10-09-09 12:33 AM