1. parasuco_1979's Avatar
    hi, me and fiance just purchased a blackberry, i have the bold and she has the curve.. my question is howcome i'm able to add other blackberry user pins and it saves instantly but i'm not able to add hers, it still pending after 4 days.. we tried taking out the battery and it still doesn't work..

    any suggestions?.. thanks in advance
    12-06-09 04:05 PM
  2. bmd900's Avatar
    when you send a request to another bb it will say pending.. when the other person sees the request they approve it and now its saved for both bb's.. try canceling the request and request it again.. you might of typed something wrong when typing the pin.. make sure its the exact pin you see in you status screen..
    12-06-09 06:12 PM
  3. jackbox's Avatar
    That can also happen if your connection to BIS gets messed up. I do a reboot and it solves the problem.
    12-06-09 11:22 PM
  4. azfar's Avatar
    I kinda dislike BlackBerrry's battery pull off to reboot. It's a hassle.
    12-07-09 09:15 AM
  5. jackbox's Avatar
    Unless your BB gets really locked up, there is a keyboard key combination to perform a reboot just like on your big computer at home. You press the left "alt" key, the right shift key and delete at the same time. Your BB will pause for a moment and then reboot just like if you had done a battery pull.

    I kinda dislike BlackBerrry's battery pull off to reboot. It's a hassle.
    12-07-09 10:09 AM
  6. lebza47's Avatar
    I do not receive my friends request, and they also do not receive mine, what is causing this? Somebody help me??

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    12-07-09 11:27 AM
  7. Snazy's Avatar
    I kinda dislike BlackBerrry's battery pull off to reboot. It's a hassle.
    Or install Quickpull

    Lebza, if you want you can try adding me, and see if I get the invite. I have had invites stuck on pending a few times, usually deleting it and re-sending does the trick.

    Parasuco, as has been said, delete the invites from both phones. If possible you could copy the image of your invite barcode and send it by email for her to scan from a PC screen. Of if together you can easily do the onscreen barcode scan.
    12-07-09 12:13 PM
  8. diegonei's Avatar
    Sorry but I gotta ask... Do you guys (the ones with problems) have BIS?
    12-07-09 04:03 PM
  9. parasuco_1979's Avatar
    thanks for the response guys, i apprieciate it.. we are new to blackberry, my other question is, is there any other way to add my fiance to my bb messenger without using the pin?.. with the bar code scanning method, do i need to download a special app for it.. we tried the hard reboot and deleting contact from both phone still no luck.. is this do to a faulty unit.. i know that my phone is working because i'm able to add other bb users to my bb messenger and i'm having trouble adding hers.. considering that both phones are only a week old..

    thanks again for the responses!
    12-07-09 05:05 PM
  10. Solachica's Avatar
    Barcode scanning works easy. If you don't have the scan option then update the BBM

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    12-07-09 08:51 PM
  11. Snazy's Avatar
    BBM 5.0 the current version from Blackberry has the option to scan to add a contact.
    Make sure you have that, and you should be fine.

    If it still wont work, then I would contact the carrier or phone provider.
    12-08-09 08:34 AM
  12. jvice's Avatar
    try reinstalling the messenger i was getting that same problem and i download the messenger from bb apps and reinstall it and it works perfectly
    12-08-09 07:05 PM