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    HELP!!! Lately I have been noticing that some themes and apps in my blackberry app world that are listed as being free are still requesting that I purchase them when I have tried to download them.
    For instance the Crius theme by Mobster Mobile Design appeared in the app world as a free download but when I opened up the theme there was a charge of 2.39 which is the price of the theme when it wasn't free. I know this is still very cheap for a theme but that's beside the point because if something states that it is free then it should be free.
    Can anybody help because I don't know at this time whether there is an issue with my app world and whether I should create another blackberry app world account in order to gain access to the themes and apps that everybody else is getting for free?
    If I do create a new app world account will this cause any problems with my terms and conditions with Blackberry?
    Has anybody else been having the same problems?
    BB Curve 8520

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    09-07-10 02:10 AM
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with your application. You may wish to review comments prior to downloading (if you don't do this already). I've read where others made similar complaints about an app that they downloaded.

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    09-11-10 02:10 PM