1. y2bandit's Avatar
    So I just got my Tour 9630 replaced with Bold 9650. I updated Blackberry App World (it was already installed when I got my phone) and for some reason, some apps are not showing up whether I do a search or via category. Looking at Blackberry App World via online, the number of apps on the web and on the application itself does not match. For instance, the web shows 181 or so finance apps. On the App World on my Bold 9650, it shows 91.

    I tried looking for 2 apps (PayPal and Viingo) and neither are showing up on the phone but are available on the web. When I send myself a link of it from App World and click on it, nothing happens.

    I'm on .732
    06-20-10 10:59 PM
  2. DrLouie's Avatar
    App World will only show applications that support your phone. Sometimes you can find an OTA download from the manufacture that will work.
    06-25-10 06:54 AM