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    I am in the works of maximizing the power of my BlackBerry and one thing that grinds my gears is the address book. I will admit there have been improvements on OS7 but I still feel like things are missing.
    I love the fact that we have the option to link contacts with people's social networking accounts but I don't like that we can only link one account per contact. I know people who have two Twitters or two facebook pages because one is their personal page and the other is for their company. Instead of creating another contact for the company itself why can't I link the same contact to multiple accounts on one social networking site. Secondly on the social networking side I don't like that fact that we can only send a message or publicly mention a contact from the address book. Why can't we select what network we want to go to and be taken straight to their timeline/profile page from teh address book?
    I also wish their was more integration for more social networks, and I know that is not all RIMs fault because the next big thing in social networking is forever changing. But with OS updates they should slowly add in integration for other social networking sites (Four square, linkedin, etc...)
    In theory you can put the URL for their profile in the website field and click on it but what about people who have a website as well?! You can utilize the notes and custom fields in the mean time but I think RIM should make the effort to keep up with social networking and add the integration to the address book options, and still just add more website fields. There are companies with separate URLs for their site/blog/shop so one website field just doesn't cut it anymore in my opinion.

    So as I wait for RIM to improve the address book I ask is there an app that does all or any of these things mentioned? I've heard and read a little about Super Address Book Pro, but are there any others?
    10-10-11 08:26 PM