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    Some one please explain what rim was thinking here.
    1. First off why not stop those annoying sms alerts that you got a vm. So annoying. Even worse that SOME now go to the bbm section!(if you linked a contact) and for those that go to bbm section, it is in different line than that persons bbm conversation.

    2. Why keep records of my sms conversations that I linked to bbm in sms section too!

    3. Kinds like 1. Why have separate lines for sms/bbm/MMS.

    4. If sms is sorted by person whil must it also be sorted by date! Just sort by name only. Alphabet or last active.

    Other than that. Love the new 5.0

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    10-25-09 09:40 AM
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    Noone? jeez

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    10-25-09 08:45 PM
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    1) Unfortunately, the voicemail showing as a message has always been a part of the OS, and probably not something that is going to change. While it may annoy some, it is a huge help to others, personal preference there.

    2)Not everyone links PIN numbers with their contacts, and up until the release of the newest BBM, this was never an issue, as both were kept separate but now, they are joined. One easy solution is to separate the contacts PIN from their entry in your phone book, and save it as something else, then it will show up in different areas.

    3)Many people, including myself, keep the BBM/Messages/Emails seperate, so that it is easy and organized. They can all be combined if you wished to do so through the folder options.

    4)The SMS chats sort by date, the most active on the top. The date differentiators are to show you when there was last activity on the message, and also useful in emails, so you know when they were received.

    Hopefully this is helpful to you. If not, let me know and I will try to explain better!
    10-25-09 08:54 PM