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    I am faced with a very strange problem when setting up my work email for the university that I work with using OWA.

    I just put my email address and password and BB did the rest finding the server of the university which is something like htttps://webmail.xxx.xx.xx/exchange.

    And here comes the problem: While I start receiving my work emails normally then it stopped and haven't been receiving emails. After several tries of removing and reinstalling the account I decided to wipe all data and start from the beginning. Then I started receiving emails normally and yesterday it happen again. Received emails up to some point and then stopped. I could see the emails through the web browser but not receiving them on my BB. And i decided to pull out the battery and restart the phone and voila start receiving the remaining emails on my BB.... This is very strange and I wish if someone could help me.

    It's very frustrating not to receive my emails on my BB since it was the main reason I spent 530 Euros to buy this phone which is a great phone (besides the poor battery of course). And I dont like removing the battery every time I dont receive my work emails.

    P.S. 1 I also setup two hotmail accounts with no problems in receiving emails instantly.

    P.S. 2 I setup OWA on my ipod touch just to test it and did not have any problem and receive emails instanlty.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated.
    01-11-12 01:02 PM
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    This is Carriers problem
    Some time I receive mail in bulk.
    It happens with hotmail too.
    Call your carrier and report it.
    No wipe/ OS upgrade can cure it.
    Carriers are responsible for this
    In times if you feel that you are not gettings mails...
    Send a PIN with current time as subject to oneself.
    And see how time it takes to receive.
    Type LT followed be space or enter in subject or body to generate current time stamp.
    Hope this helps.
    01-11-12 01:34 PM
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    I'll save you a lot of hassle. Bis has issues with outlook/exchange mail because outlook/exchange is only used as poll mail. Hotmail is used as push mail. You pretty much need blackberry enterprise to take full advantage of your blackberry. They have a free enterprise out now, but I haven't used it to comment on, but its directly from rim. If you keep using exchange/outlook mail on your bb, you can get mail up to 20mins or so late. But when bis detects activity on your email account, it continually decreases the poll time until its nearly instant. Then after 'x' amount of inactivity, the poll time begins increasing again.

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    01-11-12 03:02 PM
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    Not sure how the carrier can be responsible for the customers OWA issues. The carrier merely provides the conduit, as the hotmail accounts are working, the conduit is working.

    Maybe I should become a "Destroyer of Misinformation" as well. To the OP, has your company or whomever applied any security updates recently to Exchange or to the Server Firewall.
    01-11-12 07:16 PM
  5. masterel's Avatar
    Thanks for your answers. I'll have a meeting today with the IT department and I'll ask the if they did any security updates. I also thinking to join BES to save me from all this trouble.
    01-12-12 03:44 AM