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    Hello all,

    i am quite new to the BB system and have posted this question to another forum. Maybe people are more firendly to help me here:

    I want to use a Hotmail account to sync with the BB. Searching the internet there a different information if I can sync calender and contacts with a windows live account.

    Is this possible or not and are there informations or rumpors for further BIS versions?

    I wan to habe sync via Outlook to a Cloud service and then to a BB device for emails, kalender and contacts. Gmail is not good for syncing with Outlook (paid account required) so I deceide for hotmail.

    The devices will connect to already to a BES, but I want to have the ability to set up a private solution beside side-by-side with the BES with a BIS solution that has a good Outlook integration. This should be free of charge in any case, unless it is only private.

    Would be glad if someone can help me with that a little.


    12-07-10 03:12 PM