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    I have a Verizon Tour 9630 on BIS. I recently warrantied out my phone.

    My old phone had BIS set up with my gmail account with contacts synchronized. When I got the new phone, I changed the info on my BIS account, and it synced just fine.

    I did a wipe, and a reinstall of the OS, and now I can't sync my contacts. If I setup the account through the on-phone email wizard, I can check the checkbox for contacts and hit save, but it does not sync. If I exit and return into the wizard, the check box is clear again.

    When I visit BIS from my computer, if I check the checkbox for contacts and hit save, it pops up and says "an error occurred during email account validation." It's not the wrong password/username because I am actually getting the emails, just not the contacts.

    I've tried to resend the service books, battery pulls, deleting the email account, setting it up on the phone, setting it up on the computer... alas, still no love. Anyone figure this one out yet?
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