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    I got a new job, and have been forced to use Outlook intensely for the past few months. I used to HATE Outlook, but despite the clunky interface, I have started to like the benefits: folders, meeting requests, multiple archiving location, auto archiving, calendar options, etc. A lot of those Gmail and BIS can do, but the Outlook ecosystem's seamless, which I hadn't recognized before. There are cons too, but starting to like Outlook was a bit surprising.

    I have done the research regarding optimizing BIS with the Gmail plug-in, applying labels, having all inboxes "Show in IMAP," and the like. And I know that "Reconcile Now" takes sometimes 1 min, other times 6+ hours. I'm tired though of meeting requests not going through, tired of contact synchronization taking hours. Google crapped out Google Sync, (still in Beta) one afternoon for contact and calendar sync when someone had a free moment, and most of us rely on this daily!

    I've also read the threads stating that while Gmail claims 2-way synchronization, BIS is not really meant to be used that way. Some people are fine with just a little "peek" at their inbox on their phone, and love having to hop onto a laptop or desktop for actual email management.

    I'm a BB fanboy, but allow me this thought: My girlfriend has an Android; the mail management is slick. Grab a friend's Andoid and play with the gmail app. It's like having the computer in your hand. Shouldn't my 'Messages' folder on my BB be the same?

    I've fought long and hard for BB within my circle of friends and associates, and am not going anywhere. If they're a sinking ship, I'm going down with the ship!

    What are my options though to improve my mail experience? (Advanced level options here)
    --If I open/delete something on my laptop, please have it shown as opened on my phone? (Not some of the time, and 5 hours later).

    No Logicmail!! They're already too many cooks in the kitchen at this point.

    Can I buy server space and an Exchange account on 1&1 or GoDaddy and load BES Express on it? I don't mind paying $6/month or whatever for some additional benefits...I've strangely seen a lack of threads about BIS users going the BESX route just for all of the add-ons.
    12-22-11 11:40 AM
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    I only sync with outlook. I don't use IMAP with my google accounts. I end up going through emails on Outlook and device.

    I am interested in the last part of your post though. BES Express would be nice.
    12-22-11 02:54 PM