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    Ok so I have a BlackBerry curve, I have had BBM5 installed for a while now with no problems. BlackBerry OS is and the only glitch was that in BBM i was unable to save images into my SD card. I decided to uninstall and reinstall BBM and once I reinstalled it froze my BB and I had to wipe the device. I wiped the device everything was working great had BBM working, but no contacts I tried to restore my contact list and it freezes my device again. I have to uninstall BBM and reinstall to get the device to work, any thoughts?
    10-30-09 10:35 AM
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    Just an update I downgraded my os to 4.5.77 then upgraded it to os 4.5.138 and reinstalled bbm5 and froze my device when I used the restore feature for bbm5 so I uninstalled bbm reinstalled then manually added contacts...froze the device now I am running bbm 4.6 working withought probs

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    11-02-09 08:44 PM
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    I thought I had "froze" my 8310 while restoring contacts to BBM last night. Turned out I just wasn't giving it enough time to work. Once I left it be it turned BBM off restored my contacts and then restarted my BBM.

    Glad you got yours fixed!

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    11-02-09 08:53 PM