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    It's a long one so bear with me.

    I got 2 Blackberries, a 9700 and 9900. Both are unlocked, the 9700 is a backup.
    A few weeks ago I intended to claim a warranty issue with the 9900 (spazzy touchpad) so I did a device swap to the 9700. The process was not smooth (some data not transferred due to lack on internal storage), but at the end it worked out. BBM works fine on the 9700.

    The 9900 claim fell through (another story), so I did a device swap back to the 9900. Again, there's some problem swapping (on-board device memory of 9700 can't be copied) and I also could not get the 9900 PIN to automatically override the 9700 PIN (which device swap ought to do) on my friends'. After several tries, I decide to manually re-invite my friends (which shows up on 9900, but any attempt to chat give a prompt that says they didn't have my PIN so I click the re-invite prompt that shows up) and then told them to manually delete my 9700 PIN. All seems well.

    The next day where I have to re-invite half my friends because while they shows up fine on my device, my PIN is gone from theirs. This happens once and they did not have this problem the next day. However, another 2 reports that in addition to losing my 9900 PIN overnight, my 9700 PIN reappears on their device despite the device being no longer used. No biggie, some glitch in the system, sometimes this takes a few days to sort out etc.

    Well the problem does not disappear after a few days so I decide to do a restore from my backup of the 9900 that I did before the initial swap to 9700. This made the problem worse. Instead of just 2 people, now a third of my friends lose my 9900 PIN every night, while another third experience the same problem as the 2 above (lose my 9900 PIN and have the 9700 PIN reappear in its stead). The final third experience no problem at all). I asked my carrier, they have no idea at all what to do (I suspect they don't even believe me). I searched here and BB official forum and the problem apparently is quite rare but has been reported since 2008 or so. The only suggestion that work for 1 other person (delete BBM profile via DM then restore again) does not work on me and the other topics goes dead without an answer.

    I attempted a lot of things, like:
    1. Delete and re-install BBM on both device - problems stay
    2. Swap back to 9700, delete all friends, wipe both device, transfer SIM to 9900, then add contacts manually - problems stay
    3. Ask my friends to ignore my 9700 PIN (while 9900 active, 9700 off) - 9700 PIN keep reappearing the next day
    4. Sit on the 9700 with no contacts overnight - 9700 PIN does NOT reappear of on my friends and all looks well BUT
    5. Start from scratch on 9900 (no restore) after full wipe with my SIM (and both devices obviously), being the only constant after attempt on point 4 above. I even used a new BB ID on the 9900. The next day 1 of the initial 2 that loses me does not experience the problem, but the rest keep getting the same problems.

    From all that I can gather, as long as I use my 9700, all is fine, but once I turn my 9900 on (with my SIM in it), the next day my 9700 PIN appears on some of my contacts' BBM, even if they have been deleted AND ignored beforehand. Obviously the problem is somewhere on the BB server (they seem to think that I tried to transfer from 9900 to 9700 every day right at 00.00), but it's quite strange to have it activated by just my SIM card.

    Any fix you guys can suggest?
    01-18-12 08:24 PM