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    Hello everyone. I own an iPhone 3g. I'm thinking of making the switch to blackberry. My AT&T bill is $600 and my service has been terminated. Also my battery is near the end of its life. But of course changing the battery is expensive because iPhones are designed to bleed money from you in every way possible.

    One thing that attracts me to blackberry is bbm, which I'd like to use to talk to my friends with blackberries. I'm unemployed and quite poor at the moment. So I was wondering if it's possible to buy a cheap used blackberry and use bbm on wifi without activating the phone for cellular service?

    But if I must get service to use bbm, what kind of data plan should I get and with which carrier? I plan on using the internet a lot. Who has the cheapest unlimited internet plan?
    03-11-11 05:07 AM
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    Also which apps lock program is the best? I dont want my mother reading my sexually explicit conversations on bbm, twitter, facebook, text messages and emails.
    03-11-11 05:10 AM
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    A blackberry needs a BlackBerry data plan. WiFI or not. I would say see what your deposit would be but if it is 600.00 already you can be assured of being high risk and would have a high deposit before ATT will take you on as a customer.
    03-11-11 04:23 PM
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    The phone bill to my iPhone is in my mom's name. My credit is bad too but they dont do credit checks for a phone right? I never had a phone bill in my name before.

    I'm thinking of going with verizon. Its only $30 a month for an unlimited data plan & $59 for unlimited text & 450 minutes. Atleast I think the text is unlimited idk. I went to the store today & picked up a brochure. I'm leaning towards a bold but dont know if I could afford it.

    I've heard so much about trackballs that I'd rather have a trackpad. So that leaves me with Curve and Bold(not considering torch at the moment). Are my fears of trackballs justified? Is there a big difference between Bold and Curve?

    But it really depends if I find a job or not. I'm going to a job fair this Wednesday. Hopefully I'll get something.
    03-11-11 05:08 PM