1. CarliCruise's Avatar
    ok, so i have a bold 9700 for tmobile and my gf has a sprint 9650....for some odd reason when i BBM her sometimes lately it will have the little R for received on my end and ill have her phone and she hasent even gotten the message yet, 9 times out of 10 she wont even get it or she'll get it 2 or 3 hours later if anything and its the same when she sends to me, help.
    07-14-10 10:06 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    You both have Blackberry Data Plans??? If so, you might want to resend your Service Books... then test it again.
    07-14-10 10:17 AM
  3. Starchest's Avatar
    It's happening this past couple of days to certain people, I've seen that mostly 9700 owners are the one with the problem. I guess we will just have to wait for RIM to fix it.
    07-14-10 11:16 AM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    You sure the R you're seeing isn't the one to reply with?
    07-14-10 11:26 AM
  5. d.nyce's Avatar
    My bbm has been acting kind of funky too. I've had some mega delay on messages. I'm talking hours on both the sending and receiving ends.
    07-14-10 11:33 AM
  6. dasDestruktion's Avatar
    Its not just you as multiple users here have stated. BBM has been experiencing some huge delays and funky transmission issues. Messages are being received out of order, messages are coming through very late because of delays, "D" and "R" indicators are going wonky (as you've noted), etc. Too bad its just in time for their new BBM ad-campaign too!
    07-14-10 11:35 AM
  7. d.nyce's Avatar
    Yea excellent timing lol I resent my service books so hopefully it will help a bit because I got a couple of backed up emails after doing that as well
    07-14-10 12:13 PM
  8. fatboy97's Avatar
    It appears some are posting issues in the BlackBerry Native Apps Forum... of course I usually forget to check over in that forum, but that is the correct forum for any BBM related issues.
    07-14-10 12:30 PM
  9. Vanessa's Avatar
    I have the same problem. Since getting my 9700, didn't have any problem with bbm sending and receiving. But as of late, my bbm isn't being delivered and when it does it would be hours later. I've also noticed that messages aren't sent in real time like yahoo messenger and such.
    07-14-10 10:29 PM
  10. Vanessa's Avatar
    My bad, didn't see the post by fatboy97 about the forum for bbm related issues
    07-14-10 10:30 PM