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    I have never used or even held a Blackberry handset before.

    My wife has just ordered one and its due to be delivered tomorrow but I have a quick question on BBM. I am sure I will be able to set it up but it is related in anyway to the mobile phone number of the sim card?

    The situation being that the initial BB will be shipped with a sim and a new phone number with the new carrier but in around 3 weeks time we will port her existing number from current carrier to the new sim card. I am told all I need to do is request a PAC code from the old people and the new people can transfer the phone number in a day or so but I don't want to go through a major set up only to have to redo it when swapped.

    Its in the Uk if it makes a difference

    12-08-11 07:22 AM
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    If your carrier has a web site and you have an account associated with that site, look to see if they offer the port number process to you the client, as self service. Our carrier allows the client to port numbers through their site without 3rd party assistance.
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    12-08-11 07:38 AM
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    The PIN is tied to the hardware - not related to the SIM card/phone number at all. However to use BBM you've to make sure the PIN is not blacklisted (reported as a stolen device) on RIM servers or registered to a different carrier via BIS subscription.

    Does that answer your question?
    12-08-11 08:01 AM
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    If you change your number your BBM will still work as before.
    Its tied with your Blackberry Id and email ID and phone PIN.
    If you change the SIM but keep the same handset you are OK. You can also get BBM on another device by using the switch device feature of BLackberry
    12-08-11 09:02 AM