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    OK so I have seen some people post this before, but not in the Tour threads, at least to my knowledge. Anyways two days ago I downloaded the newest BBM, which I love! The picture sharing and SMS like look of it makes me very pleased. However my battery, which is an extended battery mind you, went from 100 to 18 from 7a-4p while not charging at all. I have not downloaded anything else since, and I even have an app telling me what I have running. So it has to be the new BBM. For those who know, would re-downloading it again on top of itself fix this? Or is this a known bug with the new BBM? I hate to go back to the old version...but with an extended battery and going dead after only 8 hours is not good (and I didn't even use it THAT heavy, slightly less than normal)
    08-17-10 05:55 PM
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    i re-installed it, and now it seems to work fine...must have been just a bad download (i hope).
    08-18-10 09:47 AM