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    I haven't been able to find a thread like this so I thought I'd start one. What future upgrades in either functionality or the UI, would you like to see in BBM?

    I would personally like to see BBM (or the whole social feeds app) integrated with bedside mode, where you could set a personal status message that will display as soon as your phone enters Bedside Mode. This would just be a cool feature because even though I've got bedside mode set up for "phone only" and no LED's, I often don't change my status to busy and will wake up in the morning with fifty messages of people asking why I won't answer them, so if my status automatically updated to "Sleeping" or something to that effect when I plug in my BB at night I could eliminate those messages.

    Another idea I would like to see for BBM is the ability to set different tones for different contacts. I know most people have a lot of contacts but I'd just like the option there so I could differentiate between my buddy who gets drunk and wants to solve life's problems, and conversations I want to actually have lol.

    Thanks for looking
    Anyone else have a suggestion?

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    04-07-11 08:28 PM