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    Not sure if this is somewhere mixed in the forums already but I just got word of this from a source at VZW... Here is the email..

    Update goes live tomorrow.

    ALERT - BlackBerry Messenger Maintenance Release

    * Send compressed pictures by default
    * Simplified UI for posting a picture within groups *Preview Ability *Cancel option when sending Voice Note * Option to turn off group notifications including sound, ribbon icon, and red splat PLUS General improvements to file transfer issues, avatar updates, group and SMS chat.

    Customers using BBM 2.0 and above will receive an upgrade notification.

    **ALERT! Leaked Version Shut Down
    *In addition to the BBM 5.0 Maintenance Release there will also be a BBM Shut down for those users still on the leaked version.
    *Approximately 175,000 users still using leaked version *Upon shutdown users on BlackBerry Messenger v5.0.0.08 will experience one or more of the following scenarios:
    *All contacts appear online
    *Messages may be sent to all users
    *Messages may be received from any users *Avatar updates are not sent

    To download the most current version of BlackBerry Messenger, please visit BlackBerry Messenger
    12-04-09 03:54 PM