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    I feel I will need a copy of a BBM conversation for legal reasons in the near future. I have looked around on the BlackBerry US website, but can't find a general contact for asking about this. I would like to know if it's possible to request an official transcript of the conversation from RIM, or if that is not possible. I have copied the conversation and saved it in text format on my device, but I was hoping for a more official log. If anyone has any advice or a contact with RIM that I could ask the question to, please let me know. Thanks!
    01-19-12 12:00 PM
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    If you have conversation history turned on, and the history is stored on your device or media card, you can navigate to it, click the menu key, and email the paticular conversation(s) to yourself.
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    01-19-12 03:01 PM
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    You will most likely have to get an attorney to issue a subpoena to your carrier for the messages. The few times we have needed a phone dump, even with owners consent or them calling, the carrier made a subpoena mandatory
    01-19-12 04:56 PM
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    Thank you, I was able to email the conversation to myself. It doesn't look very official, but it will do for now. If need be, I suppose I will need an attorney to get a subpoena. Thanks for your help!
    01-19-12 05:35 PM
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    Worse comes to worse, just pull up the chat log for the judge to read. Doesn't get more official than that
    01-19-12 10:18 PM
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    Well considering the bbm service is secure and not even the government in the uk could get RIM to un-encrypt the bbms that they wanted to use for prosecution i don't think you'd have much luck going through RIM.. and as for the carrier, the carrier can't read the bbm's either because blackberry data doesn't run through the carrier it runs through RIM's BIS/BES servers.... so that would be pointless as well.. your best luck is to make sure the conversation doesn't delete from the phone using automatic back-up and taking the phone to court along with an email copy of the conversation..

    just my 2cents
    01-19-12 10:48 PM