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    I have been having a few issues when sending a sms or mms message to a bbm contact. The sent sms will appear sometime in both the bbm chats category and also in the sms folder, but in the sms folder, the message itself seems to have shrunken so you cant even see it. When I highlight it, I can see the blue line that shows when a message is highlighted, but it is very thin, almost like the message is squashed. I can open the text fine and can see the message data, but not sure why it shrinks.

    Sometimes the text appears in the bbm chats and sometimes it doesn't. Have tried removing link from contacts but no avail. Have deleted texts and sent new ones but same thing happens. It only happens with bbm contacts that I text and no other texts with no other contacts. I run BBM 5.0.0

    Any thoughts?
    09-30-10 03:57 AM