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    I need some help , I have a 9700 BOLD from AT&T that i am using on the rogers network. All of the sudden my BBM dosent work. When i called rogers they said everything on there end is fine, i have the social plan and i also have the new software on my phone. Rogers got me to down grade my #g to 2G and then try but nether the less nothing happens. I went as fare as to do a factory restart on my phone and then wait 24 hours before restoring all my contacts. Same problem BBM doesn't work, neater dose it say resisted with Blackberry when i first put in my sim card after the factory restart. any idea's??? I asked Rogers if it would have to do with my sim card and there answer was NO. Please let me know if there is anything else i can try. Thanks,
    09-19-11 08:47 PM
  2. Firewind's Avatar
    You sure the right service books are installed?
    09-19-11 09:33 PM
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    Duplicate thread. Call rogers and have them issue a technical support issue ticket with RIM, also resend service books and then, re-register under the host routing table in options.

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    09-20-11 03:50 AM