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    Just a quick blurb about an unexpected benefit of using BBM -- surreptitious holiday shopping with your children!

    My wife, 10-YO daughter and I were at the mall today browsing together in a very small bookstore when I received a BBM from my wife. It pointed out that she had noticed a particular book that our daughter hadn't seen but that she would definitely love. I hadn't seen it either so I BBM'd to ask for details and she sent the title, color and location. I replied that I'd hang back and pick it up and that she should try to distract our daughter, which she did. A couple minutes later I had bought the book (placed inside two store bags) and BBM'd my wife to distract out daughter again so I could regroup with them where I tucked the book into my wife's purse and my daughter was none the wiser . Total time lapse was less than 5 minutes.

    Obviously not a life-altering story, but certainly an unanticipated use of BBM -- sharing stealthy strategies with my wife to quickly buy gifts for our daughter while she was WITH us!

    Happy Holidays.
    11-20-10 02:46 PM