1. cigarmapa's Avatar
    recently my bbm has been slow to send but not receive messages. I thought it was location based however now it seems intermittent. I'm running bbm 5.0, has anyone else had this problem
    06-08-10 10:11 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    could be a slow, lagging phone. BBMs would seem laggy on the sending side, but instant on the receiving side since you cant "see" when the other person sent them. try rebooting and allow a few minutes for the device to load everything. also, make sure you dont have alot of open apps running, which will stall and lag the device.
    06-09-10 04:05 AM
  3. cigarmapa's Avatar
    i had my wife send me a bbm as i was still trying to send her one. she hit send, it showed up and i still had the clock on mine. the weird thing is i'll be sending messages fine then they won't send for a while. I've turned off the phone and back on, as well as quick pull. the only app that i'm aware of being open is smartbbatery
    06-09-10 11:13 AM
  4. CBaddict12's Avatar
    I've been experiencing similar issues with my wife's and my 9650. I'll send a BBM message and it will not show the "D" to show delivered as if she is on the phone. I have sent multiple BBM's at times and called her to confirm if she was on the phone. she confirmed that she was not. It seems like BBM is either running slow or there is some sort of qlich with the 5.0 OS. I had my 8330 curve for 3 years. We use BBM quite a bit, and I have never experienced this before. It is s little irritating.... The speed and efficiency of BBM is one of the main reasons why I decided to stay with a BB device.
    It is a little alarming to hear that others are having similar issues. I hope this is not an inherent problem with the 9650's....!

    Anyone else experiencing this or discover any fixes?
    07-10-10 08:46 AM