1. 12490's Avatar
    I live in China, I am an Iphone person but recently switched to BB. I do not a clue of how is phone works, as far as that goes not people in China recognizes a BB . so am stuck and I need help, my sim card is China Unicom. what should I do to get the BBM started???
    another problem I have with the phone is i have downloaded a few apps but have absolutely no idea as to where they get stored in the phone i cannot track them. please help. I so badly wanted this phone and now its giving me a hard time. please help.
    thank you.
    04-21-11 01:12 AM
  2. DavidYang's Avatar
    China Unicom doesn't provide BES or BIS service now, China Mobile offers BIS, 98RMB or 108RMB/month.
    04-24-11 04:25 AM
  3. mtint's Avatar
    BTW, BlackBerry phones are quite popular in China. As DavidYang say you can go to China Mobile and get BIS for 98/108RMB/month
    9300 is compatible with China Mobile network, but you can't get 3G, only GPRS and EDGE, because they use TD-SCDMA as 3G standard

    China Unicom does not provide BIS/BES services currently. They are testing the service at the moment with RIM and will offer BIS/BES in mid of May. No information for price levels yet - hopefully it will be more competitive than China Mobile.
    9300 is fully compatible with China Unicom network, including 3G - they use UMTS standard

    China Telecom runs CDMA network - compatible with Curve 3G 9330. They offer BlackBerry services, not sure exactly, but to the best of my knowledge only BES.

    Personally I am with China Unicom - 3G subscription plan (186 numbers). At the moment I run my 9300 without BIS - have managed the device to access internet using native browser, emails - using SmartMail with native email application (another option is ShangMail), but no way to use BBM before China Unicom start offeri8ng BIS.
    04-24-11 06:40 AM
  4. bercakir's Avatar
    i bought my bold9000 from US and used fully functional with Turkish mobile operator with an BIS.
    than i moved to China, for same phone i applied for BIS from China Mobile. signed monthly contract and register my phone to wireless network and create my email account in their dedicated page at chinamobile.blackberrydotcom
    i received my service books and start send&receive emails without problem. But strange things start to happened after that.
    first of all when i checked service status both BES and BIS shown as "not connected"
    secondly, when i turn on Wi-Fi, i can use for web surfing but in the manage connections section check box is not ticked with green checked mark, instead of marked with (-)
    my default browser stuck on "Monternet" even i can install Opera i can't make it default one.
    can't connect Blackberry App world as well, it says "you are currently on service plan that requires a Wi-Fi connection to use this application."
    same thing for Facebook and twitter apps.
    well i don't know what's wrong with that, is it way of china mobile blackberry service or what.
    when i contact with china mobile customer support only they are asking me if i can send&receive emails or not, when i say yes, they say there is nothing more can they do...
    any idea how can i overcome for these problems ?
    11-22-11 06:54 AM
  5. mtint's Avatar
    China Mobile provides BIS Lite only, which has number of limitations, and one of them, as I know, is no BIS over WiFi.

    China Unicom provides Full BIS, virtually no limitations, but again you can't use twitter and facebook. China Unicom service is quite good btw.

    To use twitter and facebook you need to sign for BES, CU has it for 90 yuan per month, and have the BES server located abroad.
    11-22-11 05:46 PM